It is a genuine honor to announce that we won the Coca-Cola Challenge at AIPIA World Congress 2019. This challenge was proposed inside the annual World Congress AIPIA (the Active, Intelligent, Packaging Industry Association) hosted in Amsterdam on November 18-19, 2019.

Having in mind Coca Cola’s commitment to help collect and recycle each bottle or can they sell by 2030, Coca Cola presented a challenge to see how smart packaging can contribute to achieve this commitment whilst improving consumer convenience to recycle and engaging consumers in the process.

As recycl3R, we presented an App free solution based on serialized QR codes on their packaging and smart bins that will reward consumers when recycling. This solution was boosted with a Web Application that will inform consumers about the whole system and will also support consumers that would not be able to use those smart bins. The whole system is similar to what is called a Digital DRS (Digital Deposit and Refund System) but focused on Coca Cola as the front runner company deploying and committing to make this new and improved DRS a reality.

The nine finalist companies that pitched for the challenge presented very good solutions to tackle Coca Cola’s needs. At the end, recycl3R was one of the 3 selected winners (recycl3R, Hyve Connect and ST Microelectronics) and will meet with senior Coca-Cola executives to take their ideas further and analyze how to deploy these solutions.

Photo credits: Coca Cola and Recircula Solutions