Unilever has trialed, within the framework of the European project TagItSmart, a solution to engage consumers to recycle through a Smart Tag.

Thanks to the active collaboration of VTT, EVRYTHNG and recycl3R, Unilever has included in its Magnum ice creams a serialized QR code (unique for that specific Magnum unit) that it uses as a hook to make the consumer scan it to obtain useful consumption information and properly recycle its packaging.

It should be noted that this smart label has been printed with functional inks that change color according to their temperature, offering different QR codes based on:

  • if the cold chain has been broken. The QR code changes its color to show the consumer that the cold chain has been broken and that the quality of the ice cream may have been compromised.
  • if the temperature of the ice cream is optimal for its consumption. A color-changing circle has been used to indicate to the consumer the specific moment when the ice cream is at the ideal temperature to eat.

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