The Digital DRS Alliance launches to advance circularity

2022-03-01T08:25:20+00:00February 2022|

We announce the launch of the DDRS Alliance, a non-profit collaboration of the world’s leading industry and technology organisations that are working together to build and validate a Global Standard for a Digital DRS with an open and fully-scalable system suitable for any multi-stakeholder environment.

Digital DRS provides an opportunity to create a global system that can be implemented in all countries in the World, ensuring all systems are fully compatible and eliminating cross-border fraud, inherent in conventional DRS solutions. The Alliance believes that Digital DRS will provide a huge step-change in material recovery across the World and is the future of DRS systems. Further, it is seen as the gateway to mass serialisation in consumer products.

About DRS

Since its first introduction in Sweden in 1984, Deposit Return Schemes (DRS) are currently operating in approximately 20 countries and many more are being planned. They rely on consumers taking back their drinks packaging to supermarkets where large reverse vending machines (RVM’s) take the containers back and issue deposit refunds. These systems reduce littering and increase the collection of materials (around 90%) but carry a high cost and are very rigid in the types of packaging involved.

The Digital DRS: A new approach to Deposit Return Schemes

Digital DRS is a new solution that uses 2D codes (mostly QR codes) to digitalize products and enable consumers to reuse or return their packaging in a far wider range of locations, not just retailers but also locations in the community (such as parks, beaches and transport hubs) and at home through kerbside collections. Digital DRS offers a more consumer-friendly and convenient solution at a fraction of the cost of a traditional DRS, it can be applied to any form of collection and product and it’s suitable for countries/communities with lower levels of social responsibility and/or do not have formal infrastructures required to support DRS systems.


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