We always hear that we have to recycle, that it is good for the environment, that it is very beneficial for our society, etc. The truth is that very few times we are given figures of what happens if you do it, why it is good to do so. Today we want to bring some light to this issue and give more information in this regard.

Why is it important to recycle?

  1. We reduce CO2 equivalent emissions up to 96%:
    According to DEFRA, recycling reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 96% compared to landfilling. A very significant figure considering that, according to the European Union, we could reduce more than 500 million tons until 2035 only in Europe. This figure is even more significant if we take into account that we would need 100 million hectares of forest to absorb those emissions during a year (an estimation we made taking into account the current CO2 capture in Spanish forests).
  2. We reduce up to 20% the use of virgin materials for the elaboration of new products:
    The use of recycled materials for new products is one of the key elements that we must exploit to really achieve a circular economy. According to the European Union, the reduction in the need for materials of around 20% could help achieve an increase of 3% in the European Gross Domestic Product (GDP), currently of 15,300 billion euros (would imply almost 459 billion euros boost).
  3. We would create almost 200,000 new jobs just in Europe:
    Although it may not seem so obvious, the recycling industry employs a large number of people. According to the European Environmental Agency, just in Europe, the total employment related to the recovery of materials in Europe was 611 inhabitants per million in 2007. Thus, the European Union estimates that increasing the recycling rates could generate 170,000 new jobs. In addition, according to the European Environmental Agency, there would be better jobs since recycling creates jobs with higher income levels than those related to landfills or the incineration of waste.

At recycl3R we want to help increase recycling rates and that is why we help CPG retailers and brand owners to promote better habits among their consumers and that they can help them recycle more and better.