Since 2018 recycl3R has been part of the GS1 Digital Link Standard Development Working Group. Contributing our knowledge in new technologies and digital recycling information services worldwide, we want to help develop it and have the greatest possible impact on the market, but also on recycling and the environment.

GS1, a global entity that sets the path of what is the future

The GS1 Digital Link is a standard of GS1, the worldwide organization that grants barcodes to the products that we find in the global market and that develops the most widely used norms and standards in the supply chain in the world. Thanks to this ‘common language’ created by GS1 to identify, capture and share data throughout the entire supply chain, we can ensure that the information obtained is accessible, accurate and easy to understand.

A new standard that changes the rules of the game and that allows us to improve our society

This new standard extends the power and flexibility of previous GS1 identifiers, making them part of the Web. Thus, GS1 identifiers such as the GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) are now a gateway to provide information to the consumer more easily. This strengthens brand loyalty, improves supply chain traceability information, and much more.

With the GS1 Digital Link we can give each item, each specific product unit, many functionalities as it allows the consumer to obtain information about it directly and easily through the smart phone. This information, be it recycling, the sustainability of the product’s production or any other aspect of the product, is also much more detailed information since it can be based on the place where it is bought and consumed and where the consumer interacts with the product. This aspect is very relevant, as shown by more and more studies in which the increasing demand of consumers for accessing information on products through mobile phones is evident.

We are sure that this joint work will make easier the interaction with the products we buy to help us in our day-to-day lives as consumers and to make it easier for us as a society to achieve a more sustainable world.

Photo credits: GS1