Return on investment (ROI) is a recurring theme when we visit a client. It is normal to want to know if proposing something new is profitable and if it is attractive to try. Well, when it comes to green or sustainable marketing, the entities behind Project ROI have been doing some research in this regard and say that having a solid Corporate Responsibility (CR) strategy helps to engage with clients and increase their commitment with the brand.

Incorporating CR practices in your daily business activity and communications delivers a return on investment (ROI) and competitive benefits. CR has a great potential value for marketing and sales, and according to several studies, can increase your revenue by up to 20% (depending on how active, genuine and consistent the commitment with CR is.

All company’s stakeholders (leaders, investors, employees, customers, …) also help to generate more value, through a good management and practice of CR, and achieve all the potential that the company can obtain through a good green branding and Corporate Responsibility Strategy.