How can we improve consumer engagement? To really make them engaged, what we should do is solve some a problem they have and that is related to the brand that wants to obtain that engagement.

After more than 12 years implementing sustainable projects, we have seen that consumers still have doubts about how to recycle many of the products we buy. In addition, we need a little ‘help’ to continue dedicating our time and energy to recycle more and better. There is where we have the solution: let’s help consumers to recycle and reward them for it.

After 8 years working on this assumption, we now know that offering information about recycling, and giving rewards for these recycling actions, we help consumers in their recycling tasks, we improve the public image of the brands that invest in these recycling information solutions and, above all, we increase the loyalty and consumer engagement with these brands.

In addition, thanks to our experience in the European project TagItSmart (, funded by the Horizon 2020 program, and some pilots and projects we developed for several clients, we also know that incorporating elements of the Internet of Things (IoT onwards) in everyday consumer goods improves the actual waste management and the recycling rates and also allows consumers help us track the products that are consumed at home and which we do not have any information once they leave the point of sale.

There is a lot of buzz around the IoT, the potential for connected objects and the huge number of objects that in the future will have a virtual identity in the cloud. Although IoT can be applied to various objects and sectors, it is in the consumer goods sector, and at its end of life, where we see a higher potential:

  • It affects a large number of products: Due to its typology, it is in this sector where we find a bigger number of products/objects and therefore where a small improvement can make a great impact.
  • It allows to improve our society: Providing solutions to these products is when we can really propose changes in our society that achieve an environmental improvement and in our daily life.

Every day, more and more consumer goods companies are connecting their products to the cloud (soda cans, milk bottles, clothes, shampoos, …), products that have been traditionally left out of the solutions around IoT. Now we just need to give information and rewards to recycle these connected products. We will help consumers, increase their loyalty and engagement, and we will also improve the green branding of those companies and obtain detailed information about what happens with the products once they are sold and consumed.