One of the backbone elements of our company, and our service, is sustainability. For this, and as a fundamental part of our company policy, we carry out a thorough management of our impact on the environment and specifically on our contribution to the climate crisis climate change.

Regarding this, and related to our greenhouse gas emissions, in recycl3R:

  • We measure the climate footprint of our company and the service we offer our clients.
  • We avoid and reduce our footprint as much as we can through various mechanisms and good practices.
  • We eliminate, through offsetting, all emissions that we cannot avoid and produce.

Today, World Environment Day, we have offset all the emissions that our company and activity has produced and that we estimate to produce during this year 2019.

The emission offsetting allows us to eliminate emissions that we cannot avoid, supporting projects that reduce emissions somewhere else, thus achieving a 0 balance in our emissions. For this offsetting we used the UN Certified Emissions Reduction units (CER) that are generated from projects included in the Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM). This way, we know that the projects we invest in have been supervised by the United Nations and that they have gone through a strict and exhaustive selection process.


The process is not complex. You have available the website of Go Climate Neutral Now! (the UN carbon offset platform). Go Climate Neutral Now! enables you to offset your climate footprint and to contribute to a climate-neutral future for our world, while supporting sustainable development in developing countries.

This is the 3-step process of offsetting your emissions and become climate neutral with the Climate Neutral Now initiative:

1. Measure your climate footprint

They have a Carbon footprint calculator that estimates household emissions based on the latest country specific data available. This data is obtained from external and reliable sources (EDGAR, EPA, Climate Watch, ICAO and other organizations) and it is complemented by internal estimations made by their experts.

Of course, you can use your own system to estimate it, but you will need to justify how you did it.

2. Reduce your footprint as much as you can

There are many ways to avoid and reduce your emissions, so this step has to be tailored for you. We follow 5 rules to avoid emissions and we have to justify any breach on these rules (to force a change on our habits):

    Move and travel by bike or by foot and, if not possible, use public transport.
    Avoid turning on the lights, heating/AC, computers, electric devices, etc. and, if not possible, optimize its consumption.
  3. NEEDS:
    Avoid unnecessary purchases, the number of packaged goods and printing documents, and, if not possible, buy only ecofriendly, recycled, upcycle, reused and repaired materials, products and devices.
  4. WASTE:
    Recycle all produced waste and donate unwanted devices, repair the broken ones and, if not possible, recycle them properly.
  5. WATER:
    Avoid water consumption and improve the quality of the water waste.

3. Offset the rest with UN’s Certified Emission Reductions (CERs)

With Go Climate Neutral Now! you can easily buy Certified emission reductions units (CERs) for the emissions you cannot avoid and invest in greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation projects in developing countries with a rigorous verification process managed by the UN Climate Change secretariat.

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