Proclaimed by UNESCO as World Recycling Day, it is a date to raise awareness in society about the importance of properly sort your waste, giving it a new life and having a sustainable consumption and production. Using this anniversary, we want to show the results of a digital service developed by Carrefour Spain that has managed to empower their consumers and motivate a change in behavior towards a better and higher separation and recycling of waste.

In 2019 Carrefour launched, with the technical assistance and collaboration of recycl3R and Evrythng, a digital solution of recycling information and rewards for its customers in Spain. This solution called ReciclaYa, right now a mobile application, allows to scan the purchase receipt to obtain detailed information on how to separate and sort each purchased product (its components and packaging), as well as get the location of the closest recycling pick up location to the consumer. Every time consumers indicate that they recycle a product, they are rewarded with an amount that they accumulate directly in their ‘Cheque Ahorro’ (a savings check).

More than 16 million recycled products

ReciclaYa has achieved its main objective of helping consumers to sort their waste and recycle more and better. Thanks to this digital solution, more than 16 million products have been recycled, thus helping to avoid the emission of 328 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere (equivalent to 2,959 plane trips from Madrid to Paris).

If we analyze what type of packaging ReciclaYa has helped to recycle, we find that more than 56% of the packaging is plastic, followed by aluminum and other metal packaging. This proportion is being maintained throughout the 4 years of life of the solution, although we are already seeing some small trends of change in the packaging of recycled products.

Empowers the consumer and generates a behavior change

ReciclaYa generates a change in the user’s behavior to do a better source separation of waste, encourage its recycling and the circular economy, promoting more sustainable lifestyles. In 2021 there has been a 223% increase in the number of total recycling actions compared to the previous year; a clear upward trend in its use motivated by an increase in consumers who use ReciclaYa to recycle.

If we analyze the individual behavior of the average ReciclaYa user, we see a clear positive impact on her recycling actions. On average, in 2021 each user recycles 29% more than in the previous year. These data are corroborated with the data obtained by a survey carried out in 2021 to ReciclaYa users. In that survey, 83% of users indicated that they recycled more thanks to ReciclaYa (29% were users who had indicated that they recycled perfectly at home)

A growing consumer demand

According to a survey by Futerra, 88% of consumers want help from brands to live sustainably. This consumer demand is confirmed by ReciclaYa since there are more and more users who demand more information about products and increasingly buy healthier and more sustainable products such as those included in the Carrefour Act for Food or Food Transition program (which are included in ReciclaYa and that are highlighted from the rest of the products in ReciclaYa).

According to the own survey carried out in 2021, 86% of consumers perceive the brands that participate in ReciclaYa (and therefore help their consumers to recycle) as more committed to the environment.

Observing all these data, we can say that this digital solution is an excellent tool to promote sustainability and help brands empower their consumers through recycling and sustainability information. It will allow a change in the purchase decision towards a consumption that is more respectful with the environment.

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