It is a genuine honor to be able to announce that GreenYng and recycl3R have signed a partnership agreement to improve the way we recycle.

The service offered by recycl3R is now enhanced by GreenYng’s global digital platform and its smart bins offering. Now we are able to offer a powerful digital recycling solution, a better experience for consumers and a greater efficiency in the collection, traceability and separation of waste.

Smart bins are a game changer

GreenYng’s smart bins open up a whole new range of possibilities when it comes to engaging consumers with recycling through rewards for their sustainable actions. These bins make it possible to identify the consumers who use them and the products deposited. This guarantees a complete traceability of the life cycle of the waste items deposited by the consumer. Thanks to being able to validate the ‘recycling’ actions and ensure that the materials that have been deposited are correct, any gamification and reward technique can be easily implemented to engage users and retain them as consumers. It will also facilitate to carry out a better sorted waste collection and improve the quality of all the collected materials.

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