About us

Recycl3R is an intentionally small company because we want to provide the best and most personalised service to our clients.

Behind recycl3R there is the work, dedication and effort of a team of professionals who deploy and maintain technology solutions that help obtaining valuable information while promoting recycling and protecting the environment.

We are experts in the environmental and technological field, and our entire team has more than 10 years of professional experience. Trusting in us, you trust in a team of professionals who will put at your disposal all their knowledge and experience and will give everything for you and your company.

Iván González

Thomas Sjödin

Sergio Puyol
Environmental Director

Raúl Castillo
GIS & Mapping


Investors and partners


Sustainable materials and solutions for the packaging market to increase customers’ profitability and improve the overall environmental impact.


IoT Smart Products Platform that connects consumer products to the Web and manages real-time data in the cloud to drive applications & experiences.


Communication agency for CSR, environment and sustainability.


Easy-to-implement smart device for recycling bins for a smart waste management.

White Label Loyalty

They create and maintain bespoke customer loyalty apps to engage, understand and retain customers, increasing profits and reducing customer churn.

Acceleration programs and advisors



“As part of our commitment to the environment, we launched ReciclaYa in collaboration with EVRYTHNG, Recycl3R, and TagItSmart. Our customers can now very quickly and simply determine how to recycle the products they’ve purchased by scanning the barcode on their receipt. All thanks to a very professional team.”

María Quintín, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility and Environment, Carrefour Spain

“P&G is delighted to participate in this initiative that encourages recycling and motivates to have a more sustainable lifestyle. Orienting consumers about where to recycle the packaging of the products they buy, positively impacts in our communities and the environment. We want to promote responsible consumption by helping consumers to be informed and make more sustainable purchasing decisions.”

Elio Estevez, Corporate Communication, Scientific Communications and Environmental Sustainability, P&G

“We are excited to be at the forefront of this industry breakthrough. We are committed to our stakeholders to play an active role in protecting the environment. The work that Carrefour, recycl3R and EVRYTHNG are doing in this area not only makes the task easier, but also makes it possible at mass scale and easily accessible to consumers.”

Beatriz Herrera, Director of Sustainability and Mahou San Miguel Foundation