About us

Behind recycl3R there is the work, dedication and effort of a team of professionals who deploy and maintain technology solutions that help obtaining valuable information while promoting recycling and protecting the environment.

We are experts in the environmental and technological field, and our entire team has more than 10 years of professional experience. Trusting in us, you trust in a team of professionals who will put at your disposal all their knowledge and experience and will give everything for you and your company.

Iván González

Thomas Sjödin

Sergio Puyol

Abraham Calero

Diego Ruiz
Strategic support

Joan Bonnín

Marta Debasa
Business development

Acceleration programs and advisors


Members of

Climate Neutral Now, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

AIPIA, Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association.

GS1, Digital Link Standard Development Work Group.

AES, Spanish Association of Startups.

World Alliance for Efficient Solutions by Solar Impulse Foundation.

European Plastics Pact.