Valuable information through better recycling

Solutions for Internet of things, open data and web services

Do you represent a producer?

Provide information for the recycling of your products, reward recycling and obtain valuable information from your consumers.

Your IoT platforms and web and mobile applications can connect to our "Engag3R" solution, attract customers with information and rewards for recycling, as well as know what happens to your products once they leave the points of sale, easily and instantly.

Consumer information through better recycling

Know when your products are being consumed and recycled.

Attract customers and engage them with your brand.

Improve your brand image and become more sustainable.

Reduce costs of campaigns and personal surveys.

Our team

Behind recycl3R there is the work, dedication and effort of a team of professionals who deploy and maintain technology solutions that help obtaining valuable information while promoting recycling and protecting the environment.

Iván González


Thomas Sjödin


Sergio Puyol

Environmental director

Raúl Castillo

GIS & mapping


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